Discover the hidden treasures of the Outback with Nugget Tours - Outback Adventures.

Based at Morapoi Station, Nugget Tours is a local Indigenous product ready to enhance your Outback experience.
Whether it’s the wildflowers, the wildlife, the Gormley statues at Lake Ballard or the rich and colourful heritage of the Goldfields that you want to see, our Indigenous guides know their country better than anyone and can share the regions hidden treasures with you and offer a uniquely spiritual perspective on this fascinating and ancient country.

Our tour fleet includes 22 seater buses, a 13 seater 4WD bus, 4WD vehicles, motor bikes and quad bikes.
We offer tours catering to a wide range of needs.



As the traditional custodians of the land, the Wangkatha people have much to share with new Australians. With a culture reaching back some 40,000 years, the Wangkatha offer a unique understanding of this remarkable country. Hear ancient and fascinating Dreaming stories. Hear factual events surrounding the early encounters with white settlers.



The “Inside Australia”: exhibition was commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Perth International Arts Festival in 2003. The sculptures at Lake Ballard, created as part of festival by internationally reknowned artist Antony Gormley. The 51 sculptures were derived from laser scans of the residents of Menzies.



Every year, from July through to September, the red sands of the Outback are transformed into carpets of vibrant colour. Wildflower season in the Outback is an annual phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over the world. Your Indigenous guides will share their knowledge of the hundreds of flowering plant species as well as visit secret wildflower locations.

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For those with a spirit of adventure, quad bike camping is the ultimate way to see the Outback. Leave the sealed roads behind and discover the true nature of Outback. You’ll visit out of the way places as you follow your Indigenous guide from one unique campsite to the next. Camp out under the clear night skies and enjoy some fascinating Dreaming stories.



Try your luck at prospecting. Morapoi Station is located at the heart of the Goldfields, and while they are quite often small, there is nearly always a find on our prospecting tours. The region is also rich in history and finds often include relics from the Goldrush days.



Visit historic Goldfields locations including Niagra Dam, constructed in 1897 as a source of freshwater for the region but never utilised. Kookynie, now a ghost town was once a thriving boom town during the early 1900’s, boasting over 3500 residents, 11 hotels and the Goldfields only public baths. Today it is a favourite location for fossickers and history buffs.



(6 day return trip)

Visit Australia’s most iconic natural landmark. Enjoy an unforgettable 6 day road trip through the desert with plenty to see along the way. When you reach your destination you will be treated to a ringside seat to some of the most spectacular sunset scenery in Australia.

Nugget Tours & Outback Adventures can tailor a unique Indigenous tour to suit the needs of your school group, corporate or church group. Discuss your needs with us and we will help you create the ultimate Outback tour to suit your individual requirements.