Enhance your Indigenous cultural experience with activities that offer a taste of traditional Wangkatha life.

For more than 40,000 years the Wangkatha people have inhabited and been sustained by the land around Morapoi Station.

The Wangkatha know their country better than anyone and can share the region’s abundant natural features, indigenous heritage, dreaming stories, bush tucker and unique wildlife, as well as hidden treasures and local historic sites.

We have structured a range of informative and engaging activities that give visitors a rare insight into this ancient culture. Some of these activities are subject to weather conditions. Bush tucker tours and honey ant tours are seasonal, so please enquire with the tour organisers about tour times and availability.

We offer activities catering to a wide range of needs.



Discover the abundance of bush fruits and medicinal plants that grow in the Outback, including bush tomatoes, bush pears, plants with paracetamol-like properties and other medicinal values. Try bush delicacies like Witchetty grubs (cooked or live) and the sweet nectar filled body of the honey ant.



Follow your Indigenous guide on a walk trail through desert scrub and discover an assortment of plants that were of importance to the Wangkatha people. See some traditional structures (mia-mia) and campsites. Learn about the traditional people’s connection to the land, their history, bush tucker and shelter.



The area is rich with sacred sites and sites of historic and spiritual significance to the Wangkatha people. Hear the stories surrounding and celebrating the heritage of these sites. See massive, ancient boulders and rock formations that dominate the surrounding landscape and form the basis for many of the dreaming stories.



Try your luck at prospecting. Morapoi Station is located at the heart of the Goldfields, and while they are quite often small, there is nearly always a find on our prospecting tours. The region is also rich in history and finds often include relics from the Goldrush days.

Nugget Tours & Outback Adventures can tailor a unique Indigenous tour to suit the needs of your school group, corporate, church group or families. Discuss your needs with us and we will help you create the ultimate Outback tour to suit your individual requirements.